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Are you a Formerly Incarcerated Student?

The Gaucho Underground Scholars Program is a one-stop spot to help you overcome all the barriers and obstacles that exist here at UCSB. We will work one on one with you to make sure all your basic needs are met so you can just focus on your studies and be a student. 




Our Mission & Values

We are together as one in the movement towards dismantling the prison industrial complex. We have to remain committed to our values and mission and not let any negativity interrupt our vision. The following is what we will not stand for and what we ask of all our members to respect and follow to make this a safe place and a positive environment for all who join us in our mission.

  1. We will not stand for any sexual violence or harassment of any kind by our members. We ask that we respect everyone’s boundaries.


   2. We will not stand for any racism, sexism, homophobia, or any type of discrimination of any kind.


   3. We will not stand for hyper-masculinity and or man versus woman or woman versus man mentality this is an equal space and everyone has an equal voice in this space.


   4. We will not stand for gossiping or any sort of Divide and Conquer  “Teamwork Is What Makes The Dream Work"


The mission of the Gaucho Underground Scholars Program  is to provide peer-driven support, assistance, and guidance to formerly incarcerated and system-impacted University Of  California, Santa Barbara students, who are adapting to the challenges of acclimating to the University while striving towards successful community and academic reintegration. It is our aim to connect formerly incarcerated UC Santa Barbara students with the resources and information that may help to increase those students' prospects of success.


We want this to be a safe sacred place where all our members feel comfortable and protected. Please have the utmost integrity in everything you do as your a reflection of us all. Welcome to the Gaucho Underground Scholars Family.

Education Not Incarceration

From Prisons 2 PhD's

We are dedicated to helping you achieve all your academic goals.

We will work with you for the rest of your journey in life to help you overcome recidivism. We believe that knowledge will liberate us all from the school to prison pipeline and so we are dedicated to dismantling all the barriers in place that hinder us all from experiencing upward mobility.

Malcolm X Quoted

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." 

The Underground Scholars believe if we are going to protect our future children from this vicious cycle of incarceration then we need to use education to dismantle it.

Our Program Is:

  • Innovative

  • Adaptive

  • Holistic

  • Driven By Student Experience

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